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The impact of real estate photography on its value

When selling property, the power of a visual presentation should not be underestimated. Therefore, there is nothing more valuable to your real estate business than a professional photographer. By giving potential buyers an idea of the property, photography helps you tell the story of the house or condo, significantly increasing its value to the client. Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell a property or a real estate agent helping your clients with selling, professional photography, and videography can make all the difference. Read about the importance of real estate photography and how it increases your property's value in this Dream House Photo article.

Real estate photography
Real estate photography Toronto

Photography makes real estate more attractive

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine the development of any business without photography or video. Professional imagery is turning the real estate industry upside down and significantly increasing property values. Quality images and videos can increase the marketability of your property, while the wrong ones can cause irreparable damage. Use Toronto real estate photography to showcase the benefits of your property.

How is content engaging with your audience?

  • Visually appealing content wins and holds customers' attention.

  • A virtual tour attracts customers and keeps them interested.

  • Content helps showcase all the positive aspects of the interior; pre-composition enhances the overall image of the place.

  • Videography and photography tell a story through quality images.

  • Captures the essence of the property.

  • Creates an emotional connection with buyers.

Photos sell your property

It is estimated that up to 85% of buyers start searching for properties by paying attention to photos and videos first and only then to the description. No matter what kind of property you're selling, updating pictures is essential in preparing to sell a property in Toronto. Today, more than 60% of the world's population are visual people who assess the world and make decisions "by eye." The advertisement will stand out from others with just a visual component and rise in the listings. This increases the value of the object.

On average, each buyer spends about 13 minutes looking at ads online. The longer a potential buyer looks at the images - the stronger the psycho-emotional connection with the property becomes. So the visual presentation of your property and high-quality photos create an important first impression you can't afford to miss.

In 2019, Redfin conducted a study that examined the real estate market and the impact of photos and videos on it. Thus, properties with good photos sell in 2-3 weeks on average and for a 3-4% higher price than similar ones with poor images.

Real estate photography in Toronto

The numbers show a growing need for investing in a marketing campaign when selling real estate. Photography is a unique opportunity to sell any object quickly and at a favorable price. Finding a professional photographer with knowledge and experience in these types of projects is essential. Dream House Photo's team of creative and experienced photographers will help take the perfect photos to sell properties in Toronto. You can contact us by visiting the corresponding page of our website.

The latest trends in real estate photography and videography

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving by leaps and bounds. Attracting potential buyers in Toronto's crowded and competitive real estate market is quite challenging unless you use modern approaches. To stay at the top, real estate agents seek the help of professional photographers and videographers. Dream House Photo has years of experience and a diverse portfolio of real estate projects. Let’s talk about the latest real estate photo industry trends these days.

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