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Vladimir Starkov of Dream House Photography Studio

Vladimir Starkov, the founder of Dream House Photography Studio, is a leading real estate photographer with a passion for creating stunning visuals that help properties shine. With over a decade of experience in the field, Starkov consistently delivers exceptional results that captivate audiences and showcase properties in the best possible light​​.

Vladimir Starkov Photography Toronto

Dream House Photography Studio provides a wide range of services that cater to various needs in the real estate market. These include:

  • Real Estate Photography: With premium-quality multi-flash photography and next business-day delivery, Dream House guarantees that your property will look its best, no matter the weather​​.

  • Twilight Photography: This unique service offers a different perspective on your property, making it stand out and attract potential buyers by showcasing it at sunset​​.

  • 4K Real Estate Video Tours: Highlight the best features of your property with professional videography, delivered the next business day​​.

  • 3D Matterport Virtual Tours: Offering 24/7 open house for clients, these interactive click-through tours let prospects explore properties from the comfort of their homes​​.

  • Drone Photos and Videos: Expert dynamic action shots and smooth aerial footage provide an expansive view of your property and its surroundings​.

  • Floor Plans: This service enables clients to review properties repeatedly, helping them visualize future renovations, reconstructions, or furniture arrangements​​.

The combination of these services results in high-quality photos and videos that greatly increase the chances of selling a property. In fact, up to 90% of potential buyers rely on photos to determine if they're interested in a property, making professional real estate photography services crucial​​.

Why do customers choose Vladimir Starkov and Dream House Studio in Toronto? The reasons are numerous, but they include a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, professional quality ensured by the latest equipment and technology, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing​​.

Vladimir Starkov Photography Toronto

The team at Dream House manages the entire process, from equipment preparation and angle and shot selection, to client communication and post-production. Clients don't need to be present during the shoot; the team will understand and execute their vision and goals with precision. Once the shoot is complete, the specialists refine the material, enhancing color, contrast, and sharpness, and deliver the final product within 24 hours​​.

In the competitive real estate market of Toronto, Starkov Photography and Dream House Studio offer professional photography services that make a property stand out, attract potential buyers, and accelerate sales. Entrust your property visuals to Dream House Photography Studio, where every shot captures a dream.

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