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Good VS Bad

A client looks at a photo and instantly decides, "I want to see this house" or "I don't want to live here." The funniest part is that these reactions can come from photos of the same house, simply photographed differently. 

We will uncover the details so that you can understand whether the photos you have received are good or bad, and most importantly, whether these photos will help attract the maximum attention and generate the highest profit.

 016 - 617 Beresford Ave Toronto.jpg


The wider the angle, the larger the house appears. Close-up angles will make the house cozier.

Often, a step to the right or left can help showcase the house more advantageously.


Not all windows can offer a beautiful view.

And if there is one, it's better to present it perfectly right away: with trees and blue sky.

 040 - 617 Beresford Ave Toronto copy.jpg


The HDR technology is significantly simpler and faster than using Flash; it's more convenient for a photographer's workflow.

However, it's the FLASH that will accurately and cleanly convey color and light, making the photos look more 

appealing and "delicious."


The floor and walls are the foundation that the client sees. A beautiful floor won't make them think about additional expenses.

Often, only the Flash technology is suitable for achieving this.

 010 - 24 Clifton Ct, Brampton.jpg
 007 - 617 Beresford Ave Toronto.jpg


Harsh and unnecessary shadows make the house look "dirty." 
Often, only the Flash technology is suitable for achieving this.


Details will showcase the advantages of the house.


HDR  VS  Flash+better angles

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