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All our video packages include:
- edited video, 
- 24 hours turnaround,

- property web site.

How it works?

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Professional real estate video in Toronto

Welcome to Dream House Photo, the leading company specializing in making high-quality property video tours.  We do more than make a pretty picture. We help create a powerful marketing campaign for agents and real estate brokers. Our videos show the unique features of each property and allow potential buyers to get a complete picture of the house without even stepping inside.

What are the benefits of real estate video for selling?

Our team has the skills and experience to present properties in the best possible way, ensuring they stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Attention. Video tours can attract a broader range of potential buyers who otherwise would not be considering the property.

  • Time Saving. Property videos for estate agents will save time for realtors and sellers by reducing the number of in-person showings.

  • Emotional connection. Content is beneficial in creating an emotional connection between buyers and an object, increasing the chances of selling.


Our services for real estate video in Toronto

The Dream House Photo team offers a full range of services to create the highest-quality property video tours. Our videographers use modern equipment and advanced editing techniques to suit your needs. We can make a short and quick video or a full tour covering every room and detail of the property. Professional camera operators explore and select the most attractive locations, highlighting them with the proper filming.

Our clients receive high-quality video in 4K format, which you can use to promote the property on various platforms, including social networks and specific websites. The videos are designed to attract and hold attention and encourage people to share, increasing awareness and interest in your property. A customer will receive a link to the finished video within 24 hours of shooting to download it anytime, anywhere.

The cost of property video tours

We offer various options to suit your needs and capabilities. Our team is sure that investing in high-quality real estate Video is a wise decision as it will help you quickly sell or rent out your property at a favorable price. Professional filming costs vary depending on the service package and the property size. We are passionate about our work and strive to provide exceptional service to our clients.

How to get ready for property video tours?

Our videographers will only need access to the property and understand your needs to shoot a quality video. However, to make the room look as attractive as possible, you should take care of the following:

  • Make the place clean and tidy. Make sure your property is clean and uncluttered before shooting the video. Remove unnecessary items, such as personal photos or extra furniture, to make your property look more spacious.

  • Organize the space. Think about showing the buyers your property's potential. You can do this by adding fresh flowers or placing decorative pillows.

  • Use good lighting. Make sure the lighting in your house works well during the video shoot. Natural light is perfect, so open the curtains and blinds and turn on the lights.


If you want to sell your home quickly and efficiently, a Real Estate Video is an excellent investment. Dream House Photo aims to help you tell the story of your house in a way that catches the attention of potential buyers and makes the property stand out from the others. Contact us today to schedule a video tour and get started on your path to successful sales.

Enjoy Working With Us

Success of our clients is our only priority. Partner with our studio to get worry free highest quality service.

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