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Photographs are exactly what creates the first impression of a house or apartment, this is what customers see in the first place.

Beautiful and cozy photos of your property will help you sell or rent. Bad photos, on the other hand, can create problems.

Our professional photography has more than once helped to sell or rent a house for more than originally planned.

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A video tour helps the client to plunge into the world of their future home, understand it and want to see it live.

Our team creates high quality videos thanks to our experience and professional equipment.

And within 24 hours after the appointment you will receive a video of your property.

Aerial photography helps the client to see his life in a new area, to feel his belonging to a new neighborhood.


Aerial photography helps the client to see his life in a new area, to feel his belonging to a new neighborhood.

Twilight Photography will help create a WOW effect for your property.

To take these photos, make an appointment to the time of sunset.

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The Floor plan will help your client imagine how and where the new furniture will be placed.

Step inside and explore every angle of your property with 3D Matterport Tours, featuring a 360-degree view for an even more engaging and realistic experience.

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 Professional Real Estate Reel Toronto & GTA

Make a lasting impression on your audience with our Social Media Vertical Reels, featuring eye-catching visuals and engaging content that showcase your property in a dynamic and memorable way.

Real estate photography Toronto. High-quality images for a quick sale

If you are in Toronto and looking for high-quality real estate photography services, then you're lucky. Real estate photographer is a crucial part of exhibiting properties and increasing sales in Toronto's competitive market. Whether you are an agent, broker, or house owner, professional photography, video, and drone video real estate can have a significant impact on how potential buyers see your property. Dream House Photo team provides high-quality real estate photographer near you. 


The process involves capturing the best angles and lighting for the property, whether it’s a house, apartment, or commercial building. An experienced photographer can highlight the best features, making them more attractive to potential buyers. Real estate videography and drone footage can give a complete and dynamic view of the interior, exterior and surrounding area.


How to choose a real estate photographer?


When it comes to buying or selling, having a high-quality property photography can be crucial. That's why choosing a photographer is essential. Here are a few key factors to consider: 


  • Experience and portfolio. Look for a specialist with a proven background in shooting objects similar to your own. A portfolio gives you an idea of the style, quality of the work and the experience.

  • Equipment and hard skills. A good real estate photographer must have professional equipment and technical skills to create high-quality images.

  • Cost of services. When choosing a photographer, you should consider not only the cost of services but also understand your available budget. Compare prices from several photographers and find service packages that meet your needs and budget.

  • Reviews and Reputation. Check the photography team's website to make sure it has a good reputation in the industry. Pay attention to customer reviews and comments.


How to arrange property photography?


Preparing your property for a photo shoot is essential in showcasing its best features and attracting potential buyers. How to prepare the property for the photo shoot?

  • Clean and tide the property. Make sure the premises are clean and tidy before the photographer arrives. Put away personal belongings, wipe off the dust, remove any marks from surfaces, and don't forget to get rid of animals around the area.

  • Prepare your property. Have the room ready to use. Check if the lighting works well, open the blinds and drapes, and move cars off the driveway and the front of the house. Furnish the rooms with decorations to make them look more attractive.

  • Chooe a style for the photo shoot. Talk in advance about the style and mood you want to convey, depending on whether you wish to demonstrate natural light and spaciousness or emphasize certain architectural features and details.


What is the process of photo shooting? 


Property photography is a rather time-consuming process that requires preparation in advance. Photographers and videographers think thoroughly through the concept of an object, carefully checking all the details. How does the team of Dream House Photo in Toronto shoot the property?


  • Preparing the equipment and lighting. Before the shooting, the specialists prepare the camera, tripods, and extra lights. 

  • Selecting angles and shots. In the process, camera operators choose the best angles and frames to display the characteristics of the object. They can use different lenses and camera settings, as well as change the positions of the shots.

  • Working with the client and the property. The client is not required to be present during the shoot, but the photographer will rely on the client's vision and goals.


Once the work is done, our specialists edit the material, improving color, contrast, and sharpness; videos undergo a complex editing process. The professionals can remove distracting elements or flaws that decrease the object's attractiveness. A professional photographer can finish the entire process without a client's presence. Once photographers receive a request, they go on location, shoot, process, and send the photos/videos to the customer as soon as possible.


How do I find a real estate photographer near me? 


If you are looking for a real estate photographer near you in Toronto, there are several ways to find one:


  • Search online. That is the easiest way. Just type "real estate photographer in Toronto" or "real estate photographer near me" and you'll get a list of local photographers to choose from. You can search by specific Toronto neighborhoods, such as "real estate photographer in downtown Toronto" or "real estate photographer in North York."

  • Recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Ask for recommendations from acquaintances and friends who have recently bought or sold the property.

  • Search through real estate agencies. Ask the realtor you are working with. They may recommend a photographer they often work with.


High-quality photography can make all the difference in Toronto's highly competitive real estate market. Up to 90% of potential buyers rely on photos to determine their interest in purchasing a particular property. Using their skills, Dream House Photo specialists can help create powerful visual marketing communications that will attract potential buyers and help you seal the deal.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!

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