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Drone video real estate

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Home: Приветствие

All our Drone Video packages include:
- edited 4K video, 
- 24 hours turnaround,

- property web site.

How it works?

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Drone video real estate in Toronto

Searching for a way to take your real estate business to the next level? Pay attention to drone video real estate! Dream House Photo videographers have years of experience and tons of creative ideas to highlight the advantages of a property for a quick sale.

What are the advantages of aerial video real estate?

Things that bring aesthetic pleasure encourage people for purchases. What are aerial video's benefits, and why are agents so interested in this type of content?

  • Unique perspective. By using a drone, you can capture breathtaking views of your properties. This allows clients to get a complete picture of the house and its location and increases their interest.

  • Increased client engagement. Drone shots for real estate produce visually appealing content that grabs viewers' attention and holds it.

  • Short deadlines. Real estate agents and photographers can shoot the necessary content quickly and efficiently, which means your property will be up for sale and included in the listing faster.

  • Highlighted features of property. The drone video will highlight key property characteristics: lot size, building layout, and proximity to critical infrastructure.


How is aerial video real estate created? 

The Dream House Photo uses modern drones to film the property. Our videographers will provide the best possible footage of the property, show it from the best angle and highlight its most attractive sides. You'll get the edited content in 4K format within 24 hours from the moment of shooting. Our clients don't need to be present during the shooting; they only need to specify their needs, and we will take care of the rest.

Why is drone video real estate popular?

Clients love the unique perspectives and visually attractive landscapes that create a feeling of presence. When buyers look at the area overflying the property and gliding through the scenery, they enjoy it while also moving your ad up the list. Get ahead of the competitors and become #1 in the market with aerial video real estate.


What is the process of real estate video production?

Video shooting is a rather time-consuming process that requires preparation in advance. Photographers and videographers think thoroughly through the concept of an object, carefully checking all the details. How does the Dream House Photo team make drone video real estate in Toronto?


  • Preparing the equipment and lighting. Before the shooting, the specialists prepare the camera, tripods, and extra lights. 

  • Selecting angles and shots. In the process, operators choose the best angles and shots to display the characteristics of the object. They can use different lenses and camera settings, as well as change the positions of the photos.

  • Working with the client and the property. The client is not required to be present during the shoot, but the photographer will rely on the client's vision and goals.


How to get ready for aerial video real estate?

Our clients don't need to be present during the shooting; they only need to specify their needs, and we will take care of the rest. The customer needs to:

  • Tell us your goals. Discuss your aims and expectations from the shoot with a videographer in advance. Describe the exact shots and sites you want to capture.

  • Prepare the site. Make sure the area is clean, arranged, and uncluttered. It may include cars, street furniture, and other items that clutter the space.

  • Notify your neighbors. If the site is residential, notify your neighbors before the shoot to avoid potential mishaps.

  • Consider the weather. Be aware of the weather forecast for a day of shooting, and re-schedule the shooting if weather conditions are unsuitable for drone shooting.


Drone real estate video cost

High-quality drone video is an excellent investment to sell your property quickly and efficiently. Drone videos are affordable and may be accompanied by photography; check the price list in the corresponding section of the website. Contact us now to schedule your drone photo session and take the first step toward a successful sale!

Enjoy Working With Us

Success of our clients is our only priority. Partner with our studio to get worry free highest quality service.

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