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TOP 10 Best Real Estate Photographers in Toronto, Ontario

Finding a real estate photographer is no easy task. It's even more challenging to find a truly talented professional with a strong portfolio and experience in commercial photography projects. But we have good news for you. We've already compiled a list of the top 10 real estate photographers in Toronto and are ready to share it with you. These professionals have enough experience to handle various projects and have built their audience with numerous positive reviews. Let's go!

Vladimir Starkov

Vladimir Starkov is a professional real estate photographer and one of the founders of Dream House Photography Studio in Toronto. He works across various photography genres, including real estate, twilight photography, drone photo and video shooting, and the creation of video tours and floor plans. The images captured by Vladimir Starkov will make properties shine in a new light and attract more potential clients. With over 10 years of experience, he has earned a reputation as one of the best real estate photographers in Toronto. Clients appreciate his flexible approach, high-quality shots, and competitive pricing. Dozens of his works are available for public viewing directly on the website.

Dreamhouse Photo

Adam Sturino

Adam Sturino is another popular real estate photographer in Toronto. His work is characterized by a contemporary and minimalist style, with a focus on architecture and commercial spaces. A significant portion of his portfolio consists of black and white photographs. In addition to architectural shots, his portfolio includes wedding sessions, personal photo shoots, and engagements. The images in his portfolio are sure to leave a lasting impression. Website:

M. Shaltout Toronto

Professional real estate photographers M. Shaltout Toronto promise compelling shots. In their portfolio, you will find works that showcase locations and spaces in the best light possible. The photographer specializes in photo and video shoots in various styles, as well as the creation of 3D tours. The portfolio features captivating shots dedicated to the beauty of architecture. The modern and elegant style truly captures your attention when viewing the photographs. Website:

Otbx Air

One of the successful real estate photography companies in Toronto, Otbx Air, was established in 2016 and positions itself as a place where the best real estate photographers passionate about their craft come together. The large team offers a wide range of services, from portrait photography to promotional videos, construction shots, elite real estate, and virtual tours. The portfolio showcases various styles and directions, which can be explored on the company's website. Website:

Raffi Tutundjian

Raffi Tutundjian has made it to our list of the best real estate photographers in Toronto, thanks to nearly a decade of experience. He believes that professional shots help attract clients right to the doors of the property. In his work, the photographer strives to highlight the unique aspects of each space, creating an emotional connection with the viewer. His style can be described as subdued colors with bright white accents, particularly effective in combination with modern interiors. Website:

Houss Max

Some of the best commercial real estate photographers in Toronto work at Houss Max. The team takes on projects of various sizes and types, handling commercial, luxury, or private properties with ease. They use state-of-the-art equipment to create impressive photos and videos. In addition to simple photo and video sessions, they create real estate websites that showcase all the nuances of the spaces. Houss Max positions itself as a company that helps maximize the value of real estate in the market. Website:

Studio GTA

A well-known real estate photography company located in Toronto, Studio GTA, creates striking images that emphasize the luxury of each home, making them ideal for premium-class properties. With a keen understanding of the strengths of each property, they tailor photo sessions individually. Studio GTA keeps up with industry trends and utilizes cutting-edge equipment to produce high-quality shots. You can witness their expertise on their website right now. Website: 


Toronto-Pix is a highly regarded team of real estate photographers in Toronto that employs modern methods. Safety is a priority for them, advocating for contactless shoots. With over twenty years of experience, the company has earned attention and trust in the industry. It's safe to say that their real estate photographers bring a wealth of knowledge to each project, resulting in stunning outcomes. Website: 

Architectural Photography

Brad Anderson has been leading the company in real estate photography for over 20 years, establishing a solid reputation during this time. Under his guidance, the studio specializes in creating vibrant images tailored for realtors. Brad Anderson's work is particularly effective in the premium market segment. The team focuses on showcasing strengths in their work, helping you stand out in the competitive market. Website: 

Elevated Photos

Among the strengths of Elevated Photos' real estate photographers is the combination of various skills: extensive experience in landscape photography, architectural photography, videography, and graphic design. Even before drones became popular, photographer Sebastian used a mast for elevated shots. The studio creates bright, stylish, and highly digestible frames. Their clients are Ontario realtors who understand the importance of their brand and want to deliver high-quality listings. Website: 

As evident, Toronto is a highly competitive city, with a plethora of offerings from real estate photographers. To avoid double payments, choose professionals!

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