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Professional Real Estate Photography Toronto & GTA

Photo | Video | 3D Tour | Drone | Twilight

Top Quality and 24h Turnaround! No travel fee in Toronto



Premium quality Multi-Flash Photography. Next business-day delivery.

Blue sky guaranteed.


24/7 Open House for your clients. Interactive click-through tours  let prospects explore from home.

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Highlight the best features of your property with our professional videographer. Next business-day delivery.


Market your listing property

with  a unique edge

and make it Undeniable.

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Expert dynamic action shots


smooth aerial footage.

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Enables clients to review

the property again

and again.

Book now and receive bonuses

"Test Drive" package

Photos that will sell your property

View our real estate photography page to view our full portfolio.

Sell your real estate faster with our professional photography services


Real estate photography Toronto. High-quality photos are the calling card of the property, they greatly increase the chances of an object being sold. Professional photos, videos, or drone video real estate can be crucial to how potential buyers see the property. Dream House Photo offers professional real estate photography services in Toronto and provides ready-to-use footage in a short period of time.



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Toronto Real Estate Photography Services


We choose the best angles and lighting whether it is residential or commercial premises. An experienced photographer can highlight the best features of the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Real estate videography and drone videos can provide a full and dynamic picture of the surrounding area, while video tours will fully demonstrate the interior and attractive aspects of each object.


Services we offer:


  • Property photos. Our photographers use the latest equipment to create professional shots. We offer various service packages to suit your needs and budget.

  • Video tours.  This is a great way to show your property to potential buyers. There are various video options ranging from short, quick videos to detailed video tours. 

  • Aerial photography and videography. Drone photography and videography is an effective way to demonstrate all the features of the property and its surrounding area. 

  • Twilight photography. Twilight real estate photos are an opportunity to show the beauty of a building at sunset. Such shots add a special charm to any object captured by the lens. 

  • Floor plans and 3D tours. We create a detailed digital floor plan of property and 3D tours, allowing potential buyers to visualize the future renovation, reconstruction, or arrangement of furniture on the site.


How to choose a real estate photographer in Canada?


When it comes to buying or selling, having high-quality property photography can be crucial. The result depends on the photographer and videographer. 


  • Experience and portfolio. Look for professionals with a proven background in real estate photography. Be sure to review several candidates' portfolios

  • Equipment and hard skills. Make sure a photographer uses professional equipment, that’s half the success. 

  • Cost of services. Compare prices from several photographers and find service packages that meet your needs and budget. Generally, the market prices are all at the same level.

  • Reviews and Reputation. Check the photography team's website to make sure it has a good reputation in the industry. Pay attention to customer reviews and comments.


Why do customers choose Dream House Photo?


At Dream House Photo, we strive to provide you with high-quality, professional services that meet your specific needs. Here are just a few of the reasons why clients choose us:


  • Experience. Our team has years of experience in the real estate industry. We understand what it takes to make a property stand out and attract potential buyers.

  • Quality. The latest equipment and technology ensure the professional quality of our shots and videos. Our photos do their job several times more effectively.

  • Customer Service. We know that real estate photography can be a stressful and time-consuming process. That is why we are ready to help at every stage from creating an idea to downloading images. As a rule, clients may not even be involved in the process - we will do everything for them.

  • Affordable pricing. The cost of our services is competitive; prices vary depending on the type of photography, the area of the object, and additional services.


What is the process of photo shooting and real estate video production? 


Property photography and video production is a rather time-consuming process that requires preparation in advance. Photographers and videographers think thoroughly through the concept of an object, carefully checking all the details. How does the team of Dream House Photo in Toronto shoot the property?


  • Preparing the equipment and lighting. Before the shooting, the specialists prepare the camera, tripods, and extra lights. 

  • Selecting angles and shots. In the process, cameramen choose the best angles and shots to display the characteristics of the object. They can use different lenses, and camera settings, as well as change the positions of the shots.

  • Working with the client and the property. The client is not required to be present during the shoot, but the photographer will rely on the client's vision and goals.


Once the work is done, our specialists edit the material, improving color, contrast, and sharpness; videos go through a complex editing process. The professionals can remove distracting elements or flaws that decrease the object's attractiveness. Drone property photography can be completed without a client's presence. Once we receive a request, our team goes on location, shoots, processes, and sends the photos/videos to the customer within 24 hours.


In Toronto's highly competitive real estate market, high-quality photography can make all the difference. Up to 90% of potential buyers rely on photos to determine if they are interested in purchasing a particular property. Using their skills, Dream House Photo specialists can help create powerful visual marketing communications that will attract potential buyers and help you seal the deal. Our photos sell several times faster.

Enjoy Working With Us

Success of our clients is our only priority. Partner with our studio to get worry free highest quality service.

Real Estate Photography and Videography services for residential and commercial properties in GTA Toronto.


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