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How can I schedule or book an appointment for real estate photography?

 When's the best time for real estate photography and video?

You may schedule or book an appointment here. You can also call our office or write to +16475405505.

Most appointments are made based on your availability and the sellers' availability, but there are preferred times of the day for better photos.

West-facing homes are best captured in the early afternoon, while east-facing homes are best photographed in the morning. Meanwhile, north-facing homes are best shot early in the morning. Regardless of the direction of a home, it can benefit from being captured during twilight.

 How much notice do you need to schedule my appointment?

We would prefer a three-day notice


How much does it cost to avail of your real estate photography?

The pricing depends on your specific requirements. The good news is, we offer pricing and packages that suit your needs and budget. Please see our real estate photography pricing here.


How long will the real estate photography appointment take?

The amount of time it takes to do real estate photography, whether it is a home or a commercial building, varies. Moreover, the number one most important factor is the property's size.

Generally, prepare for about an 1-2 hours. If you order several services at once: photo, video, 3d tour, drone photo and video, expect several hours, especially for large buildings, houses or properties.

You can find out the time required for your photo shoot when you book it.

When will I receive my photos and video?

Photos will be delivered 24 hours after the photoshoot. If you need a rush, please let us know.
Rush orders are $50.

 How will I be notified once my order is ready?

You'll receive an email from us.

How will I receive my photos and video?

We will send you a link that you can use to show the property or download photos. Also, we will optimize your images for websites and basic print solutions.


   What if I have special instructions?

If you have any special instructions that the photographer needs to know, please let us know as soon as possible before the photoshoot.


   What if there are unfavourable weather conditions during the shoot?

We do not need to cancel appointments due to the weather for photos. Sky replacement is an option for gray skies, rain, and snow. We can pull blue sky color out of most skies, making a dreary day bright. 

We advise rescheduling drone photo and drone video shooting if snow, rain or strong winds are expected.


What about cancellations and reschedules?

We don't charge for cancellations and reschedules as long as they are done 24 hours ahead of the scheduled shoot date/time. Under a 24-hour window, a cancellation/reschedule is $50. If we show up to a property and can't get in or the agent or seller cancels the shoot, we will charge $50 + 50% of the quoted amount.


What about terms and agreements?

If full payment has been made, you have the right to use the products, and it means you agree that the right to use the products has been given ONLY to you. You agree that you cannot transfer, assign or sublicense your rights to use the products, the photographs, video, or other kinds of media included therein to anyone without the copyright holder's written permission.

Your rights allow you to use our photographs, videos, and other media for marketing purposes. However, your Rights do not authorize third parties to display, copy, or distribute our work to provide services competitive with our products unless our written permission allows you. For real estate, these rights are valid without limits, as long as you have the listing. If you no longer have the listing, the rights to use the products are also gone.

If someone asks you about your rights to the products, you would need to refer them to us. If we allow others to use our products, an additional licensing fee may be necessary.

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